“The State has nothing…”

Today, I finally had my day in court regarding the criminal case that was illegally brought about against me. I have worked for years to get to this point. It is probably most people’s thinking that an event like this would have some profound impact or be charged with some higher energy because it is a climax to a life-changing ordeal.

Well, not quite. But, I absolutely feel refreshed, like a huge weight has been lifted, and there seems to be a brighter horizon that I’m seeing as I sit here late in the day looking across the lake and pondering what I want to say here.  No, it wasn’t like Tom Cruise versus Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” (“You can’t handle the truth!”). But, make no mistake, I took it to them pretty hard.

After three previous attempts to complete this hearing, including one in which final arguments were heard, but the proceeding was deemed void because there was no court reporter,  I finally decided to let the record speak for itself. I didn’t need to continue to pound away at all of the errors and omissions that seemed to define either gross incompetence or outright conspiracy of corruption. Instead, I took a different angle and offered to the court that we didn’t need to peel back all of these layers to get to the correct outcome.

If I could show, through the record, that there is irrefutable and ironclad proof that there was no jurisdiction, why work this from behind? Why not just say, “Lack of Jurisdiction” and the whole thing can just go away. What happened to me is still relevant, but that is for another action in another court.

So I read a statement into the record. It took about fifteen minutes.  I included an excerpt from a book called “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard. I seized on the fact that I had made serious individual claims against a Circuit Court Judge, a sitting District Attorney and two established Public Defenders. I had accused them of conspiring to wrongfully convict me. I laid individual claims against my ex-wife and her husband, accusing them of conspiring to cover up the chronic rape of my daughter at the hands of the husband. That this was the reason these frivolous charges were brought, to deflect the cause of action I would take when I found out the truth.

I made these accusations and am in court today to ask the judge to consider them in reversing what has happened. To right a wrong, to end the inequity of it all. Despite the seriousness of these accusations, None of these people are in court today to defend themselves. That speaks volumes, and so I let that be the most damning statement of the day.

It really could not have been better. Because this hearing was being held right after criminal court in Seminole County. So there was Craig Earnest, the District Attorney, knocking heads as he filed defendant after defendant into the court and sitting on the defense side were the Public Defenders, including Joseph Griffin, the one guy who could have prevented all of this from happening to me, but didn’t.

So they acted out their little theatrical play out, going through the motions to display the appearance of a formal process to public view, should anyone care. They exchanged legal banter and in the end received the outcome that, over time, was predetermined in area diners, courthouse conference rooms, and even in the back of the courtroom only minutes before. They proceeded to revoke suspended sentences, confine people to incarceration, put people on probation and even banishing them! One man was placed on a total of seven years probation, but the condition was that he serve that probation banished from the Pataula Judicial Circuit, which is seven counties in Southwestern Georgia. This sends the message that “We know you will screw up again, so we don’t want you to do it here anymore, you’re someone else’s problem now”. (They gave the guy two days of supervised time to get his stuff out of the district).

But the final case that came up just before my hearing was a 52 year old black man who was carrying a folder stuffed with legal materials. He was asking to represent himself, to act pro se. Judge Baxley carefully and thoroughly questioned the man to determine that he in fact knew what he was doing; that by not having a representative who was trained and familiar with the law and legal procedures was “generally not wise”. The man stood firmly on his intentions, believing that his “certification as a tractor-trailer driver” would see him through the ambush Craig Earnest was about to spring upon him.

I don’t blame the guy, because look at this scenario. Here’s Craig Earnest on the State’s side and Joseph Griffin on the Defense side…what could possibly go wrong? I referenced this ironic situation during my statement. Because I had followed similar advice and look where it got me.

So, when it was my turn, Craig Earnest and Joseph Griffin stayed in the court room, they heard my statement. Even better. The judge did not interrupt me, he allowed me to have this moment as I read confidently from my printed pages. When I finished, reading the paragraph about how I was foolishly optimistic that “they will get this right” as I waited for the ruling on my first motion challenging jurisdiction while in prison. Instead being denied in August 2012, hearing from all of my convicted felon cellmates “I told you so” and then as I languished there, my mother passing away in October 2012. I spoke of my inability to ever forgive that. The court reporter had tears in her eyes.

Once I rested, Judge Baxley looked at Mr. Tom Bishop, who was representing the State, asking him for the State’s response. Mr. Bishop rose and stated: “Without stipulating to anything Mr. Little just said, the State has nothing”.

Damn, that almost seemed anti-climatic! But then again, it spoke volumes.

You can read the complete statement on the ‘Cases’ tab here on the blog. Select “Seminole Case”, take the slider bar all the way to the bottom and scroll up until you see a separator line, that’s the most recent entry, you can read from there.

I will wait up to ten days for a ruling, which I will post promptly when I receive it.


They Just Don’t Care…and That’s the Problem!!!

Yesterday, Friday March 11th, 2016; I had a pre-trial hearing scheduled in Seminole County for my upcoming trial. So I scheduled a day off from work, got up early and drove the 200 miles from Jacksonville to Donalsonville. I arrived a few minutes after the scheduled start time of 9:00 am, walking into the courtroom just as they announced “All Rise…”and Judge Bishop stepped in.

I sat on the end of a pew mid-way back in the center row. I observed a handful, maybe a dozen people scattered around the room. Only one attorney was present. His case was brought forth first and he submitted a motion and was on his way. I sat and watched five or six cases get handled. There were a couple of divorces on the schedule. One couple was there without lawyers (pro se) and had apparently agreed to a property settlement, so Judge Bishop called them forward and asked them if they wanted to “get divorced right now”? They both nodded yes and he asked them to raise their right hand and swear the oath of truth. He ensured the woman who filed had lived there for at least six months before filing and he ensured the man understood the terms and conditions of the settlement. With two affirmations, Judge Bishop stated, “as soon as I sign this document, you two are divorced”. And with that, the young newly divorced couple stepped out into their new lives.

Finally, once all other cases had been heard and I was the only one left in the room, Judge Bishop asked me why I was there. I responded that I was there for the pre-trial hearing for my habeas case. Now, I need to interject some backstory here. Judge Bishop is not the judge hearing my case. He is the other circuit judge in the Pataula Judicial Circuit that includes Seminole County. My judge, Judge Baxley, turned out to be in Early County holding drug court that day. So Judge Bishop was handling things in Seminole County today.

Alongside Judge Bishop was Earlene Bramlett, Clerk of Court for Seminole County. It is important to note that she is the person who, back when I was in prison, who actually “filed” the appeal that ended up being one day too late, which is the reason I’m still fighting this case. Ms Bramlett is also listed as a “May Appear” witness in my case, she is the one handling all of this paperwork now before Judge Bishop.

So Ms. Bramlett hands over the two cases to Judge Bishop, one is my habeas trial and the other is the order for child support deduction that I have asked to be combined with my habeas action. This is because if my habeas is granted and there is no jurisdiction by Seminole County, the monies they have deducted is to be returned to me. Judge Bishop looks at the cases and then makes a frown. He states “I’m going have to recuse myself from both of these cases”. I look astonished at him. “You know that Tom Bishop, the Assistant District Attorney working on your case is my younger brother”.

WOW!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! Small town Georgia…where everybody is related…this makes it impossible for any outsider to get true justice there. Tom Bishop, the ADA representing the State in my trial didn’t even show up for this pre-trial hearing (good thing because his brother was the one overseeing it)…so obviously there are no penalties for HIM not showing up. I received an official order to be there (as did he), had I not shown up, they would have issued a bench warrant for my arrest. Not likely to happen to ole Tom.

I went to this hearing expecting to see Tom, to sign the pre-trial order we had both created and agreed upon, since it was to be presented before the judge pursuant to the order we received. I had some documents I want to admit as evidence in my trial. Documents that help explain the whole picture of why Seminole County never had any jurisdiction in my case. Documents that were available, but conveniently left out in my original trial. Instead, I am left to go chit chat with Ms Bramlett to get my subpoenas issued for my two public defenders , the agent from child support enforcement and Colleen, my wonderful ex-wife who started it all with this odyssey.

As I sat in Ms. Bramlett’s office chatting with her and thinking about all of this. It occurred to me that what we had just went through was exactly what happened right before my original trial in 2009. A pre-trial hearing where, had he done his job, Mr. Joe Griffin, my appointed public defender, could have filed a demurrer motion that challenged jurisdiction and it would have been granted, meaning that I would have not bought tickets for a flight from California to Jacksonville, rented a car to drive to Donalsonville to attend a trial that should have never happened. It was probably much like today, a sort of loose gathering of people, a judge, the clerk, some gossip, some quick divorces and then on to lunch. Today, there was only one attorney there, maybe Mr Griffin wasn’t even at my pre-trial hearing in 2009.

All of this informality that seems to be rampant here, all of it looks like lack of discipline. The judiciary has a color of decorum, formality that protects the sanctity of integrity. It is lacking here. It’s almost as if you can see these people, who through their jobs, are sworn to be objective, measured, balanced and fair, running into each other at Harvey’s or getting together at each other’s homes for a barbecue or meeting for lunch at Hardee’s and talking about how they will run people’s lives, how they will administer justice, because they are the ones who have been chosen.

They have tapped into a gravy train. They have figured out how to convince people they are honorable and can be trusted to manage such affairs. They gain the trust that equates to power and then use their power to influence the outcomes. Outcomes based merely on their opinions, their perceptions and bias, inevitably filled with prejudice toward one person or another. And then you get to what happened to me. Nothing that happened to me could possibly be deemed fair and certainly was never based on any truth. But in the end, they simply feel they were acting with the best of intentions.

They lack discipline because that is what has been accepted here. A small town that is the seat of a county founded only a hundred years ago. A place with little to offer but some peanut farms, a highway that leads to Dothan and the less desirable access to Seminole Lake. They simply don’t care about details because they don’t have to. They have arrived at the top of the food chain in their little part of the world. I’m not the first outsider to be ensnared in their version of justice. But perhaps I’m the one they should have given more attention to. Because now, I want blood. They deserve the ass-whoopin that I intend to bring to them.

Don’t worry, I took care of my business…and when I show up on April 26th to kick their asses, they won’t understand how I did it. It’s because I AM caring about the details and after I’m gone, they will continue doing what they do now…I just hope that the people of Seminole County wise up and fire these idiots, even if they hire others who will do the same thing, at least these people were finally held accountable.

A Date With Redemption…An Update On My Story

Its been awhile since I’ve blogged or updated my story. Here is a progress report that is worth waiting for.

I had to wait so long as the Pataula Judicial Circuit remained in shambles. As I filed a new Motion for Out of Time Appeal in July 2014, The original trial judge, Ronnie Joe Lane retired, moving on to become the Chair of the Judicial Qualifications Commission…I’m not making this up…it is not lost on me the irony this represents. So my motion languished while Pataula decided I would have to wait for a new judge to be appointed. I’m not too sure about this requirement, it would not surprise me if they were simply stalling. But I’m a patient man, especially now.

Finally, around Christmas of 2014, the Governor appointed Judge Thomas Baxley to the bench. I finally got a status conference in March of 2015. During that conference, Judge Baxley pointed out to me the substantial hurdle I had to overcome in the Georgia Court of Appeals’ ruling that my direct appeal had been squandered by filing late.

As I researched that task, I learned that my best path was to instead file a habeas corpus action. So I withdrew my appeal and filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus on May 28, 2015. Now, over nine months later, I have a hearing scheduled to finally argue my case to a new judge. I can’t believe for the life of me that yet another judge will ignore the truth and perhaps Judge Baxley wants to establish a new culture and reputation to the Pataula Circuit…it certainly could use it.

And there’s some significance with my Habeas Petition as well. I am challenging what is known as the “Mailbox Rule”. The U.S. Supreme Court established it in 1988, it basically states that when an incarcerated pro se litigant submits any legal filings, it is considered “Filed” on the day he submits it to prison officials for mailing (there is a receipt generated for this reason). But Georgia has been slow to implement this rule. In 2012, Georgia established the rule for all pleadings submitted to both the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. But a direct appeal, as I had filed from prison, is submitted to the original trial court, which is not subject to the rule. This meant that my appeal, which arrived one day too late, was dismissed for not being timely. This cost me my direct appeal and led me to serve my entire sentence before getting to this point.

So my petition asks the court to find this lack of application of the mailbox rule unconstitutional and therefore restore my right to have the original enumerations heard in my habeas. This case could have a significant impact on the laws of Georgia for everyone in the future.

Meanwhile, as I have slugged it out in the trenches with Seminole County, Judge Ronnie Joe Lane quit his new post at the JQC because his ethics were being scrutinized (SHOCKER!!!). I will be adding a page to my blog about the judges involved in all of this. FORMER Judges Amanda Williams and Ronnie Joe Lane…it is amazing how convoluted this all is…you can’t make this stuff up…it is truly bizarre.

And I’ve also made much progress with the recovery in my personal life. I believe how far I have come is pretty incredible and stands as testament to the power of truth that no one ever wanted to give credit to me for, so I’ve done it all in spite of them. While I’ve lost family and friends through their own ignorance and prejudice, I’ve found a new circle of people who are inspired by my story and they appreciate who I am and are enamored by my ability to take on all detractors.

After Mandy came and got me on February 13, 2014, we have come so far. In April 2014, I got the Court of Appeals decision, on the eve of us having to either return me to Georgia or get married to avoid that. I got a message on Facebook at 2:30 in the morning letting me know the news. At that time, I had worked the first week at my new job with CxP Datacenters as a Facilities Engineer. I wasn’t making much money, especially for the role I was working into, but that job eventually landed me with a new company that bought CxP. Now, I am the Facilities Manager of Tierpoint Datacenter (same building), now the largest private company providing MSP datacenter services. My professional future is unlimited.

As I worked myself into a new career, I repaired the financial damages from my odyssey. I went form a FICO score of around 570 to over 640. I bought some furniture, some beds and got a couple of credit cards. In October of 2015, I purchased my first home. A virtually new construction (18 months old) home in St Johns, FL with a lake view and more than double the size of Mandy’s home. We are still amazed at how far we have come in such a short amount of time…from Homeless in Albany to Homeowner in St Johns in 27 months!!!

So, as I write this blog on a pre-sunrise Sunday morning, I am thankful for everything in my life. Including my battle with Georgia. I want to reiterate here that I started this blog to help people dealing with BP’s. People who suffer in relationships with people having BPD. Remember, all of this started with my marriage to a severe case of BPD and her distortion campaign against me.

I have two months to prepare for my day in court. I can’t wait to tell you all that someone finally got it right!!!

The Truth…is…Sooooooooo…Slow

It is now September 11th, 2014. As I remember the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and reflect on my life since then, it amazes me how much time has slipped through my fingers. When the attacks occurred, I was in the Phoenix Skyharbor Airport, waiting to take a flight to Orange County, CA where I was to work on an Ion Gun at Conexant Systems in Irvine. I was doing that day what I had done dozens of times before; get on a plane to go to work somewhere out of town, applying the unique skills I had learned through my years of experience in the Navy and at Intel Corporation. While there are many people who perform this type of work…it’s not for everyone, and not just anyone can do it.

I digress from the subject of this post to pause and give honor to the memory of that fateful day, and to illustrate where I was then, and where I am now.

I was maligned by so many, including Georgia…painted as a violent, abusive, deadbeat father who also ran a ponzi scheme and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from innocent people…

Really? All of this festered into a legacy…because I was passive…I never challenged any of it because I feared for the safety of my children…plain and simple. Yet, I still managed to climb out of the darkness of losing my family and built a new life, with a great career, beautiful family while becoming a productive citizen, paying my taxes, contributing to our society in significant ways. And when it all got carried too far…when the losses were too great for me to bear any further, I took up my self-advocacy campaign and started to tell the truth. That was January of 2012.

Now, two and a half years after I spoke the truth, my case is still waiting for someone other than the one judge who convicted me to rule on it. While I have proven the false imprisonment, my conviction stands in purgatory…I am not officially convicted, because the judgment that was entered was allowed to expire when the underlying sentence became unenforceable. It appears to be a draw, because I can accept no longer being a convicted felon and move on with my life with no further impediment, while the court that entered the ruling can simply say “well, we got a proper and lawful verdict”…they would love for me to just fade away and leave all of this alone. But I can’t do that…not now…not anymore.

I filed a Motion For Out Of Time Appeal on July 16, 2014…nearly 60 days ago. By Georgia law, this motion is to either be argued or ruled upon within thirty days…The judge who originally convicted me, Ronnie Joe Lane, retired from the bench, so he conveniently passed it off while he received accolades for his years of service to the Pataula Judicial Circuit…he even got a picture in the Donalsonville paper. Meanwhile, I am still working to repair the damage done when this “honorable” man destroyed my life by “convicting” me of child abandonment…an action he had no jurisdiction whatsoever to do.

When I was falsely arrested and charged with this “crime” I was a Field Service Engineer working for Elekta Oncology in Phoenix. I had found the “Right Place” for me…earning a six figure salary, I was finally getting the means to fix all the struggles of my past and repair my reputation and status in life…but meanwhile, Colleen’s life was falling apart and she had a sympathetic ear in Seminole County Georgia. Now, 6 years after it was all illegally taken away, the man who should have known better is applauded as a great servant to the public and showered with gifts (To add insult to injury, he is now the director of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the entity that oversees all judges in the state, yikes!).

So, when the 30 day mark passed, I waited another week and then called the Seminole County Clerk of Court on 8/26 (41 days after filing) to inquire about my case. I was told that the motion had been “handed up to Judge Bishop, because Judge Lane had retired”.

Great, Judge Lane is gone…maybe I’ll finally get some justice in this hell-hole…I waited another week and then on 9/4 I called the office of Judge Joe C. Bishop in Dawson, GA…not far from Albany, where I had lived since being released from prison over a year ago. The law clerk was not in, but I could try again on Monday. I called on Monday 9/8.

I spoke with the Law Clerk to inquire about my case. He first asked me if I was an attorney, when I stated I had filed a pro se (for self) motion, he sighed and stated “It’s probably in this stack of pro se motions that I haven’t gone through yet, but I assure you, it will not just disappear, it will be gotten to when it’s gotten to though, I can’t say how long that will be, maybe awhile”.

So let me get this straight…If I was an attorney, my case would be dealt with promptly, but since I’m just an average citizen (with every right to file pro se) I’m placed in another stack that will “be gotten to when it’s gotten to?” Where is my equal access to the courts?

I told the Law Clerk that I would give him until next week to locate my case and he stated he should know if he has it or not by then…

stay tuned…the truth will be “gotten to when it’s gotten to”…

A Year of Recovery

July 15th, 2013…what a year it has been! There are several pages to fill in on my story…but the main thing to say is that I am happy because the Truth of Dennis is coming out…bit by bit, it is coming out and the authorities can’t stop it from happening…they have to face it and they will have to pay for the fact they ignored it. On February 14th, I moved back to Jacksonville with Mandy…On April 24th, I started a new job with a new company…On April 30th, The Georgia Court of Appeals confirmed I had been under False Imprisonment, On July 14th, I was officially offered the permanent position as Facilities Engineer for CxP Datacenters and on July 16th, I filed for an Out of Time Appeal to challenge my entire criminal case. I have obtained a copy of the investigation conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for my daughter’s molestation and next I file an appeal to challenge the validity of my Divorce Decree. Stay tuned…much more to follow!


Rebuilding My Life

The Truth of Dennis chronicles the story of how I got here, why I started this blog…and now it is time to rebuild my life. My story ended as I was getting released from prison, and the story continues after that…so I will continue it through my posts here. I was literally set out at the bus station in Albany with a clown suit, $25 and told “good luck”…the support system I have since built has been my own attempt to overcome the worst period of my life…read my FB postings that I’ve submitted over the last two weeks…they epitomize how much I’ve been working to overcome and how I’ve been continuously challenged…

Posted Labor Day…BEFORE I got sidetracked

So, I had a great weekend…I worked Fri and Sat on yards, including working at a house on Lake Blackshear…beautiful! (Thanks to Don Bravaldo for that!). On Sun I got up early to help cook and serve breakfast to the homeless at Christian Covenant Church (one of the ways I give back 🙂 …). Then went to First Pres Church and received a new tube for my flat tire on my bike (Thanks to P4H for that!). Then joined Martha Palmer McCorvey and Dwayne Wimpy Bowden at FreeLife Church (they were still there because Pastor Mark Fulford just kept on preaching! LOL!) and afterward they treated me to BJ’s Country Buffet (yum!). They dropped off some furniture for me (Thanks to Kim Bryant Power for the table and nightstand…and you painted them too! 🙂 ) Then to show my thanks, I went to their place and helped mow their yard too! We had some awesome steaks afterward and spent most of the evening talking and getting to become great friends…today, I got a bed delivered to my house (Thanks to Mission Change for that!) and the doors and locks repaired (Thanks to Donald Courtney, my landlord for that!)…I have so much to be thankful for as things continue to fall into place and I feel more and more comfortable in Albany. Just because I keep reporting all the great things going on in my life these days doesn’t mean it’s all peachy keen…I have bad times too…like the other day when I broke down in Publix and had to go into the corner to gather myself…I never know when hearing a song or seeing something will bring my grief on and it will take much more time to get better…but I am asking for the help I need and am getting it from so many people who were complete strangers a month ago when I got set out at the bus station in Albany and told “good luck”…indeed, it was good luck (God’s Love) to be set out here…I am receiving unconditional love, a love that was never modeled to me from my own family…and this leads to the roadmap that is part of what I know is a master plan to lay out the best things to come in my life. As I said in my “The Truth” series…my second chance happens with our without any of you…for those who are here…welcome, I hope you enjoy this journey with me…my best is yet to come. 

Posted Friday 9/6…as I was getting sidetracked

Unconditional Love

So this morning, I have an awareness I need to share with all of you. I awoke relaxed and refreshed after a night of live music and fun with a bunch of people that I mostly do not know. This morning, I realize that there is all of this conflict and adversity swirling all around me; in my own life, in the lives of people I care about and all over the world, dramas are everywhere…which is of course just another day…but I have such a peace within me this morning…because I’m in integrity with myself.
I read a quote recently that said “Love is the weapon of the future”…I believe this to be true…I alluded to it in my “Truth of Dennis” postings…here is what I want to say to everyone, because I wish you could have the peace in your hearts that I am feeling in mine right now…
Love, Unconditional Love, is the ONLY thing that will release you from your strife…it does not matter what religion you are, what higher power you call to, wherever you draw your spiritual food…the lesson being offered to all of us is Unconditional Love.
I see people I admired for all they’ve overcome fall back into old habits…I’m seeing people who made mistakes simply pointing their fingers at other to say they are victims…I see people who are genuinely putting forth effort to help others but are undermining their work by judging those they are trying to help. People who have business with one person are talking to everyone BUT that person about it and everyone else is not telling that ONE person what is going on. All of this only serves to feed the strife…it prolongs the agony and suffering. I also read a quote that said “What you see in others exists in you”…this is also true…All we are doing is hiding from our own fears…shielding ourselves from our own true reflections.
Unconditional Love, in action, means not judging others…we are all cast from the same lot. Don’t hand out to people in need and then judge them for their choices. If you disagree with someone because of their religion, politics, or life choices…embrace them…because it is all of these differences that bring color into our world. And if you have unfinished business with someone, talk to THAT person…don’t resolve it by committee…it will never be resolved that way.
My heart and mind are open to this path today because I’m being in integrity with myself…I’m not judging others, I’m practicing Unconditional Love…the key word is “Practicing”. I’m a man, which means I make mistakes…but I’m a loving and caring man, which means I’ll never give up on being a better man. We all have our own ways of finding our integrity…I believe mine is through music and poetry…
The last 2 nights, I have attended “Open Mic Night” at the Oglethorpe Lounge in Albany. I have sat with and listened to a dozen individuals and bands pour their hearts out to make music. Music is the ultimate example of Unconditional Love…think about this: I don’t know any of the people playing…they are standing up on a stage, presenting a persona to the crowd. They might be unemployed, drug addicts, thieves, hardened criminals, or they might be a store manager, a lawyer, a nurse, or a housewife…none of that matters to the audience. The audience doesn’t care to judge any of these people who have overcome their own fears, their own true reflections to be vulnerable up on this stage. And these musicians deliver a song…a message, either through lyrics or the melodies, that nourishes the soul of the audience…Unconditional Love…flowing in BOTH directions…from the artists…to the crowd and from the crowd back to the artists…it is a perfect synergy…both parties feeding off the other.
Unconditional love…however you need to find it…do it…find it so you can begin enjoying the peace I feel right now. 

On Friday September 13th, I went to Jacksonville and had the worst day of my life…

I updated that in my story as Volume 11 – The end of Mandy

Then on Monday, after returning to Albany, I was at Subway, my usual morning hangout. I was getting a new refrigerator, so I went to help pick it up and move it into my house. While I was moving the fridge into my house, a young woman was driving around the truck we were using (we had the alley blocked) and she got stuck in a trench between the property across the street. I approached her and offered to help get her truck out of the hole…As I saw her, I realized she was having a bad day…without knowing anything about her, I knew it was taking everything she had to keep it together and I felt badly that I was contributing to her “bad day”. Later, after getting the fridge setup in the house, I went back to Subway, while there, I bought a gift card for the young woman whose truck had been stuck…I felt compassion for whatever her situation was and thought that a random act of kindness might remind her that hope is only a thought away. I bought the card, and also lunch for a homeless woman who I see walking around my house sometimes…I invested $10 to make the world a little brighter today.

As I finish at Subway, I realize my bike is gone…it has been stolen from right in front of the store…I had locked it to the lightpole directly in front of the door…unless someone lifted it 20 feet in the air…they either cut or picked the lock and took it.

Now today, I feel a sense of peace…whoever took the bike obviously needed something more than I needed the bike. I’m aware that ever since my return from the traumatic weekend in Jacksonville…I’ve been in integrity…I’ve remained true to myself, I’m happy ON THE INSIDE…because I know who I am and what I’m about…and I love myself. And I know that armed with this peace, the outside of my world will change…I’m drawing the right people into my life…I’m surrounding myself with genuine people, and not allowing myself to be spread thin in order to try lifting others who don’t know how to love themselves.

I’m rebuilding my life…and this peace I feel right now is exactly the peace I want as the foundation for it…

Find your own peace…the feeling is euphoric!


“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it. Ignorance may try to derive it. But in the end…there it is”.
– Winston Churchill